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What are the benefits to maintaining your parking lot? In most cases your parking lot is the first thing your customers/employees see approaching your property. A nicely maintained lot makes a great first impression, adding image to your brand. It also shows that you offer care and safety for both your customers and employees.

More benefits include:

  • Improving the resale value of your property
  • Increase the life of your asphalt to ensure your investment is well protected
  • Avoid damages to your own, customers and employees vehicles caused by pot holes and damaged asphalt
  • Stay up to code with Ontario fire and safety regulations
  • A slip, trip and fall can create a costly lawsuit, avoid a lawsuit and injury with an updated parking lot
  • Avoid unwanted attention to your business. Criminals often prefer a dark hidden area. Help avoid that with a well-maintained lot with bright lines and be sure to keep your parking lot lights on at night
  • Improve relationships with customers by offering a lasting first impression with your parking lot


Services we offer


It is highly recommended to have your asphalt sealcoated after 3-6 months of the asphalt being paved and maintaining it with a new sealcoat every 2-4 years after. There are so many great benefits to sealcoat your parking lot, starting with protecting it from Canada’s intense weather conditions. Oxygen, water and any sort of moisture seeps into the small air pockets and cracks of the asphalt, which then erodes the ground beneath the asphalt causing larger cracks, potholes and can lead to needing the section completely replaced with new gravel and asphalt. A sealcoat will fill in all small cracks and air pockets preventing this damage from happening, and will also provide an attractive matte black finish to your parking lot.

The sun's ultraviolet rays can age our skin and can do the exact same thing with your asphalt. Our intense humid days along with the sunrays cause oxidation, which will result in deterioration. Just like our skin, our asphalt needs a sunblock to prevent harmful UV rays from aging the asphalt. Gas, oil and other substances can erode your asphalt causing serious damages. A seal coat acts as a barrier to prevent these substances from seeping into your asphalt.

  • Seal coating costs pennies per sq\ft compared to dollars per sq/ft for a repave with new asphalt applied. Once your sealcoat is applied, you are left with a beautiful smooth matte black look that will be sure to impress not only you but also your customers and employees. It will also leave you with a peace of mind that you have saved thousands of dollars in the future from more costly repairs or complete replacement!
  • King Asphalt Maintenance uses the finest quality seal coat product of a coal tar emulsion available in Ontario. We have the required equipment to use any sealcoat product to meet your preference!



  • Curb appeal is important as we know, and keeping your parking lot lines updated with fresh paint gives you the curb appeal that all business owners want. A well-maintained lot with up to date lines and markings helps navigate your customers or residents to where the authorized parking spots are. The life span of parking lot lines varies on amount of traffic, environmental conditions, and the quality of the paint.
  • It is recommended to re-paint your lines every 18-24 months. We offer a variety of stencils including numbers, letters, handicap, expected mothers and more.



Hot rubber crack sealing is the #1 most important step to take to further prevent serious damages to your lot. Here are a few facts about your cracks: - Small and large cracks allow moisture into your asphalt, creating a larger area full of cracks. We refer to these as “alligator cracks”. - Larger cracks allow the water and moisture to go directly to the base underneath the asphalt creating even larger cracks and worse potholes.

The solution? We go over your cracks with a gas powered cleaner that targets the inside of the cracks cleaning out all debris that is stuck in the crack, along with chipping away any loose asphalt. We then go over your cracks using an applicator that pours in our hot rubberized crack seal that will fill the cracks up to prevent any further damage, saving you thousands of dollars in the future compared to replacing with new asphalt!



Does your parking lot have potholes, sink holes, or too many cracks to count? Sometimes with these issues, a simple fix won’t cut it, and the entire section of the problem has to be replaced. What we can do is remove all of the existing asphalt targeted in these areas, followed by replacing the base to give the new asphalt a solid base to settle on. We then pour in the new asphalt and level it back to the grade of your parking lot. The asphalt is then compacted and now your major issue has been transformed into a brand new replacement of asphalt!



All of our services are offered to residential driveways. It is just as important to maintain your asphalt driveway, as it is to maintain a parking lot. Is your driveway just gravel or does it need to be replaced in general? We can pave you a brand new driveway! Give us a call for more info!



Is your property covered in junk? Or does your lot need a good cleaning? Give us a call and we can simply come and remove all of your unwanted junk, or give your parking lot a good cleaning with a power wash, power blow, and removal of stains!

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